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Lucy trickling in

Golden droplets on the ocean

As I follow my imagination into a small bush

Soon as I caught up, a surprise for me to see

The small bush turn into a massive canopy

Dome-a-fying the oscillations above, 30-70 feet off the ground

And only then did I see the once little bush as a whole town

So the mini people are real-riding insects over the waterfall-This explains everything!

Gliding with them across the valley to the Oak trees beyond the canyon

Whose branches I embrace as a longtime companion

Instead of the river’s flow traveling by in front of me

It flows into my left ear, through me, out the right ear and off the waterfall

Sitting on a rock that splits the pond’s all-flow into ripples, then separate droplets on their fall

Only to come together as a whole, in another pond below, united once again in the all-flow

Where we all go, everything

Here, working to get her, together

In this interconnected puzzle, happening to be here, deeply woven in the sands of forever

Every insect, animal, plant or tree

Every color, every feeling of the dream in the breeze

From every rock forms a ripple, every piece of the whole puzzle, actively participating

All there is~inside of where I am~looking in

On the living picture, set into motion, tuned in to the reactions

With my guitar I am the conductor as the chords match the color

With my imagination I am the director as the clouds change shape with her

My mind is open, this mind is sooOOoo open

With all this life flowing

Within and without

If the ship splits, and reminded of this

There is no doubt, I’ll make it out


Seeking to unify what is already whole

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I’ve been working my way up through all the droplets

Collecting them like puzzle pieces that fit

In attempt to understand why they separated

When they left my head


Will planting seeds, that grew into a dam, that shaped a foundation, that turned into a mansion

That I lock my self in to take shelter from the wind

While I assemble the pieces of where I’d been

Almost into a whole, but not before, the storm blew open the door


Taking with it everything that the ‘I’ was trying so hard to hold onto

Who now has no choice but to ride with it too

Who now has to ride it through