~To Surfing~

Taking off deep, deeper now than ever

I don’t care if I make it out cause suddenly I’ve never felt better

I’m consumed in it, one with the feeling

Fully aware of this moment cause it could easily be the last of me

It’s in these moments engulfed by chaos that I feel the most free

Free of everything that has ever meant anything to me

Flying down the line I can see the opening

But I’m in too deep for an exit to be worth imagining

Yet I’m getting closer and closer, pushing myself harder over the edge

Pulling high up into the speed pocket as it grinds over the reef’s final ledge

Blinded by the droplets, but holding on for the life in my head

With my adrenaline pumping, the pieces flow back together

Still on my feet hopefully this time it will last forever

I never thought I’d make it out and see it through to the end

But now I’m standing here shaking

Wondering if I could ever have a better friend

I take it all in and sort it all out

And dive deep into my savior, the ocean

Where the best of me is brought out


~ by undertownaufrago on November 30, 2011.

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