Funk Resurrection Manifesto

My extraverted intuition flows out from within

Manifesting the world on behalf of feeling

Holding onto these droplets of iridescent reflection

Finding their place in these waves of philosophical introspection

Which recently exponentially double up combining in a fusion of auxiliary

As they meet with the incoming tide of introverted feeling

Giving rise to unusual skill in character and linguistic fluency

Synched in with the fluidity, developing the rooms in this ship of literary facility

This poetry that flows in me simultaneously creatively participating in the art of living

Pioneering discoveries of entirely new ways of perceiving things

Profoundly this visionary comprehending the extraordinary

intricate inner world on this path of reality and fantasy

at the edge of the looking glass staring at his heart in his hand

Creating images with a pen and an on-the-spot plan

Liberated by his imagination in this world of repressive norms he can’t understand

So he chose to look in with the help of a friend

together on a mission-expedition to push for a better state of livin


In center of the hurricane huddled round the candle light that doesn’t flicker in the wind

Here we’ve sat staring at the flame reflecting on everywhere we’ve been, from now to back then,

in deep meditation waiting for the right time to spark the seed that will grow to a revelation

who’s flame will spread quickfast in the wind across every nation

Because every generation needs a transformation

Young people grab the torch and unite with the Funk revolution

Funk Rhythm          Psychedelic Vision

Comin to you live to spread the revolution

Ocean minded          Spontaneous intuition

Together not divided in this world is our mission

Funk Rhythm          Lyrical Precision

Join us in awareness on this conscious expedition

From everywhere we are, from everywhere we’ve been

Together synched in as one we’ll transcend

Dude thats gold, we got somethin goin here man, i got a little addition, not related in ur style, but a sort of emotional description of funkin. here goes

Funkin flowin through the vien, crawling up my arms, taking my legs, infusing my brain with the rythm, sendin signals down and throughout, my body drifts along the wave, matching every Peak every trough, the hips ohhh baby them hips, swayin shakin bumpin movin, its not about the scene, not about bein cool, not even about fuckin the girl (though far from discouraged), its about that feeling, the vibe, that everything in that momento in time is more than good and theres nothin you´d rather be doing and nothing that you´d rather have kissin them ears, the funk commands you it takes you to the place everyone wants to go, with or without drugs. Maybe its just the way I was made but Funk man, there’s somethin inside me that denies the existence of any sort of anti-funkism, that aint the reason its dead in today’s World, that aint the reason that our ears are now invaded and dominated by synthesizers, grindin music, and that electronica bull. Funkin is innate, its somethin everyones born with, those who dont know need only to feel that feeling, they need that special bumpin swayin movin goin through their veins. For the good of mankind, For the benefit of music, for the advancement of the conciousness, for this the Funk needs a new pulse, and that is our job our mission our calling. Let the Revolution take hold of you, change you, make you move like u know u wanna. ITS TIME!


~ by undertownaufrago on November 29, 2011.

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