Driving next to a cop 7 deep in a 5 person car, honking the horn making a song-beep bop beep beeep beeeep bop, pull in front a bus here, half stop and crawl through a red light there, disregarding stop signs pretty much everywhere, but it’s all good in Argentina. It’s different…For safety, For safety they kept saying, honking the horn at every intersection we’d fly through. They don’t drive in their own lanes, they share the road, if someone wants to go faster, they pass between two cars who are half in one lane half in another..They share the road..they share almost everything.. There’s no such thing as your own drink, everyone passes it, they say they don’t want countries, they say they don’t want borders, they say down with the consumer system, they say their meat is the best in the world and that it’s not pumped full of chemicals, they say they’re all brothers and that the nickname is stronger than the real name…they’re just like us, and at the same time, totally different


~ by undertownaufrago on November 29, 2011.

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