The walls fell down

The mind is open

The filter on my perception dissolved

An hour after the tab did


Flowing down a river of metaphors

Taking me to the top and bottom floors

I find my self standing in the middle of all opposites

That collide within all at once

Forming a singularity in fusion

And I rise


Pulling it all into me, balanced on the invisible bridge

I transcend

Into the clouds looking down over Earth

Sun rays go through me and ri-ca-shay a thousand iridescent ways

Sending more than the spectrum of light into a rippling maze

Dripping from the sky as moments turn into days

Slowly raise my head to see a different of the same’s lips moving at me

The way he was standing flew through me a feeling

Which can unmistakenly be described as an amalgamation

of a smootheled gloss polished roundrubbed hood of a back in years surf mobile

With an underlying cool whip over cupcake frosting primer layer

Whose smooth round off beneath the surface shapes the flow

On the right side of the wave that’s folding over my island


-The intrepid traveler, the tsunami rider-

But this time it’s coming from all around, even up from the ground to engulf me!

This has happened before

It won’t be the first time I’ve been to the bottom floor


This island is a volcano in the middle of the ocean

That will grow twice its size when the water resides

But for now it’s going under, I’ll soon find myself a deep sea diver

In and out of the portals that form the bottom floor


Mountains fall into the sea

Only to resurface closer to the sun

The all in one

The more puzzles I pick from the sea

The greater the sum that makes up me


But here in this chaos, there is no time to create shelter

So there is no time to create order

The non stop infinitely expanding potential fills me with waves of uncertainty

Showing me spectrums of depth and meaning

Taking me further and further from the sight of the shore

Into the fathomless ocean until I reach the bottom floor

Which I pass through to find my self in a pitch black room

While the portals suck me closer and closer


Deeper and deeper into the chaotic abyss

Patience young master, you will know when it is your time

From the depths a light reaches me

And lifts my head to see this golden droplet

Over the quivering surface

Grab on now! As the one becomes all


From the bottomless abyss pulled up to the surface

To construct a ship, to ride over and navigate through all of it

It will be bigger, shaped better, more elaborate than the last

And this time I will know exactly which way to turn the mast

To lead me from the bottom of the middle of the ocean

To the volcano that’s now rising to the top of the world

I synch in with the wind, and ride the storm back to shore

I see the whole puzzle and every piece I’m grateful for


Shaping from the whole, I restructure a vessel that rides with the flow

Tune in, adapt with it, synch in with the patterns of what’s to come

Pull it all together inside of me as one

From the ground to the sky, from the sea to the stars

I too am the pattern that effects me

I’m not only a piece of the puzzle, but the puzzle itself


Shipwrecked and drowning in time’s maelstrom

Faith threw me a rope

Pulling me back to shore

Only to face many storms more



~ by undertownaufrago on November 25, 2011.

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